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A stackable virtual file system built on .Net Framework. It provides a set of interfaces abstracting the general file system operations, and a set of built in libraries implement the interfaces to provide the services like transactions, cache, encryption, etc.,


A web application demonstrating photo management using SimpleFS and its transactions service.


What is a stackable virtual file system can do?
  1. Allows users operate a file system without the awareness of the actual implementation;
  2. Enable additional capabilities on existing file system seamlessly;

Storage Providers

By implementing the interfaces, this distribution can provide various storage means. Users can switch to different storage systems transparently; and various file systems can inter-operate with each other seamlessly as if they are working on the same file system.

Next Release

Date: Jan 18, 2008 GTC
  1. Introduction to SimpleFS.pdf: A document introducing how to use SimpleFS and how it works internally;
  2. Introduction to Transactions Service.pdf: A document introducing how to use Transactions service and how it works internally;


The following capabilities will be included into the distribution in the coming future.
  1. Storage providers:
    1. Ftp storage provider;
    2. Http storage provider;
    3. SharePoint storage provider;
  2. Service providers:
    1. Encryption service provider;
    2. Versioning service provider;
    3. Compression service provider;



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